Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I become a member of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE) and the U.S. Regional Chapter of IALE?

You become a member of both organizations by paying member dues to the U.S. Regional Chapter. The procedure is to send membership dues to the Membership Secretary, who enters your information into a database and passes this information to the Secretary for mailings of newsletters, etc. Dues for a single calendar year are $30.00 for students and $45.00 for regular members. Please visit the membership page for more information.

2. How do I subscribe to the journal Landscape Ecology?

The journal Landscape Ecology is owned and published by Springer Academic Publishers. Although the society does not own the journal, Springer does cooperate with IALE to provide a publication that is of high quality and relevant to our membership. Members of US-IALE are able to subscribe to Landscape Ecology at a substantially reduced rate. For more information, please visit the journal's web site, which is maintained by Springer.

3. Where and when is the next annual meeting of US-IALE?

Upcoming and past annual meeting information and web links are available on the annual meeting page.

4. What is the difference between US-IALE and IALE?

US-IALE is the United States Chapter of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE). When a member joins US-IALE, that individual also becomes a member of IALE. IALE is structured such that countries establish their own chapters, hold their own meetings and organize activities that best meet the needs of their landscape ecological community. IALE has several executive positions, including the offices of: President, Secretary General and an executive committee that focuses on coordination among the various chapters. For a current list of executive committee members, please visit the IALE executive committee page.

IALE also sponsors an international symposium on landscape ecology every four years. The last International Congress was held in July, 2003 in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

5. What is the structure of US-IALE and who are the officers?

US-IALE is led by an executive committee consisting of the following offices: Chair, Chair-Elect, Program Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, three Councillors-At-Large, and two Student Representatives. Each Officer serves a two-year term. Elections are held every spring for half of the officers, in conjunction with the Annual Symposium.

Please feel free to contact these officers if you have ideas, suggestions, or concerns that you would like the Executive Committee to consider.

6. In case I am not currently subscribed to the listserver, how do I do so?

Send the message SUBSCRIBE USIALE-L Your Name to listserv<at> If you have problems, contact Dr. Peter August at the University of Rhode Island.

Phone: (401) 874-4794
Email : pete<at>

7. Why can't I post a job announcement on your web site?

This is a service provided for the benefit of our members. Membership is not expensive and there any many other benefits as well. To join, click here.