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US-IALE does not process regular member subscriptions to Landscape Ecology or manage backorders of the journal for its members. Members and students subscribe through the Springer Publishing homepage for Landscape Ecology. Click on "Special Rate for IALE members" under the "Additional Information" section of the web page.

You must be a member of US-IALE to receive member subscription rates from Springer. You will also need your current membership name (type in US-IALE) and membership number to subscribe. If you have forgotten your member number, we have put a list of member numbers under the "Members Only" part of the US-IALE web site. If you are unable to find your membership number, please contact the current US-IALE treasurer to retrieve it. If you have any problems, please contact Springer Journal Fulfillment New York ( ).

For a direct link to the form, visit and quote your IALE membership number on the form.

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