US-IALE Discussion List

What is It?

The USIALE-L discussion list is a public forum to exchange news and information relevant to Landscape Ecology. Anyone can subscribe and participate in the discussion group. The USIALE-L list is sponsored by the United States section of the International Association of Landscape Ecology and is maintained at the University of Rhode Island's Academic Computing Center. The USIALE-L list is not moderated, anyone subscribed to the list can post messages to it. There are, however, a few rules of 'net'iquette that we ask users to follow.

  • Do not use the list to advertise products or services.
  • Use the list to post messages of general interest only.
  • Do not use it to send a message to a single individual.
  • We encourage debate and scholarly disagreement, but be civil.

How It Works

The "brains" behind the USIALE-L is a software product called LISTSERV. The copy we use is located on an Unix Workstation at the University of Rhode Island. LISTSERV simply keeps a record of all the email addresses of people that are subscribed to the USIALE- L list. When a message is sent to USIALE-L, LISTSERV forwards the posting to all of the subscribers. Messages are broadcast to the list of subscribers almost immediately. Think twice before launching that burning opinion -- once it is sent, the whole universe of subscribers will have a copy in a matter of moments.

Each participant in the discussion can subscribe or unsubscribe whenever they want. You simply send an email message to the LISTSERV software and tell it what you want to do. A very common mistake is to send your email messages with LISTSERV commands to the USIALE-L list rather than LISTSERV. This is a problem because your command will not answered and everyone subscribed to the list will receive your posting.

Every six months LISTSERV will ask you to confirm your membership. This helps the list managers keep an up-to-date tally of subscribers.

LISTSERV commands

Here are a few simple LISTSERV commands that you might find useful.

Email one or more of the following commands to: listserv<at> Issue the command in the first line of your email message. Do NOT send the command to USIALE-L.

This will subscribe you to the USIALE-L list

This will remove you from the list

LISTSERV will send you a list of all the people subscribed to USIALE-L

LISTSERV will send you a list of commonly used LISTSERV commands

Sending Messages

To post a message to all of the subscribers of the USIALE-L list, simply email your message to usiale-l<at> The LISTSERV software will take your message and forward it to everyone subscribed to the list. Once again, think twice before hitting that "SEND" key. You can not retract a posting once it has gone out!

If you would like additional information on LISTSERV commands, there is an excellent manual for new users available from the LISTSERV web page.

All postings to the USIALE-L LISTSERV have been archived. You can review them by going to the archive web page.

If you have any other questions, you can contact the USIALE-L list manager:

Peter August
Department of Natural Resources Science
University of Rhode Island
Email: pete<at>