Membership Information

Become A Member

There are two ways to become a member in US-IALE.

  • Online membership through a secure payment processor
  • For alternative methods, please contact the US-IALE Treasurer at .
  • For questions regarding membership status or lost passwords, please contact the US-IALE Membership Liaison at .

Membership Dues

Regular Member $55
Student Member $30

Memberships are valid January 1st through December 31st of the payment year.

Payments received prior to January 1 will be applied to the year during which the payment was made. If a payment was already made for the current calendar year, the new payment will be applied to the following year.

Subscriptions to Landscape Ecology

US-IALE does not process regular member subscriptions to Landscape Ecology or manage backorders of the journal for its members. Members subscribe through the Springer Publishing homepage for Landscape Ecology. Click on "Special Rate for IALE members" under the "Additional Information" section of the web page. You must be a member of US-IALE to receive member subscription rates from Springer. You will also need your current membership name (type in US-IALE) and membership number to subscribe. If you have forgotten your member number, we have put a list of member numbers under the "Members Only" part of the US-IALE web site. If you have any problems, please contact Springer Journal Fulfillment New York ().

However, student subscriptions to Landscape Ecology are processed through US-IALE. Student members who wish to receive the journal submit the student subscription fee and information to the membership secretary, in conjunction with the membership form. The student journal subscription does not include online access to the journal.