Coupling Humans and Complex Ecological Landscapes

2009 US-IALE Symposium

Snowbird, Utah | April 12-16, 2009

Spa and pool at Cliff Lodge - © Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort

Meeting Theme

We invite you to attend the US-IALE 2009 meeting, to be held at Snowbird, Utah, 12-16 April 2009.

Utah’s Wasatch Front, where Snowbird is located, is an excellent meeting location given the meeting’s theme “Coupling Humans and Complex Ecological Landscapes.” Salt Lake City and the surrounding cities and communities that comprise the Wasatch Front are one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the United States. Constrained by the Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake on the west, and the Wasatch Mountains to the east, human development is restricted to a narrow band of land approximately 200 km by 75 km. Historically, these lands were considered prime wildlife and agriculture lands, and most of them now face considerable development pressures. The Great Salt Lake itself is a recognized Western Hemispheric Shorebird Reserve site, and is the stopover for an estimated million+ shorebirds on an annual basis. The Wasatch Mountains, managed principally by the US Forest Service, serve as both a source of recreation for the region’s million plus inhabitants, and as significant regulators of ecosystem process such as groundwater recharge. The mountain foothills – regionally referred to as the benches – are important winter habitat for a wide range of animals, and the human pressures currently exerted on the lands have created complicated management issues requiring landscape-level resolution. With this complex ecological landscape and human growth pressures as our background, we invite you to plan to attend the 2009 US-IALE Conference.

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