Student Awards

NASA-MSU professional enhancement awards

These special awards, made possible by the support from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Michigan State University (MSU), are available to students who are going to give an oral or poster presentation at the US-IALE Annual Meeting. Approximately 20 awards (up to $800 each) will be given to the selected students to cover expenses associated with attending the symposium. In addition, the selected students will have the opportunity to meet with some leading landscape ecologists at a special dinner gathering, to learn the latest developments in landscape ecology at the symposium, and to build professional networks with other symposium attendees. Click here for more information.

Student awards for posters and presentations

US-IALE annually presents a "Best Student Presentation Award" to a student for the outstanding oral paper or poster given at the Society's annual meeting. Volunteer judges are selected among the professionals in attendance. In order for judges to best evaluate student presentations that will be most competitive, it is encouraged that students only enter this competition if they have completed or nearly completed research results.

The winner will receive a $300 cash award and a waiver of one future meeting registration fee. Waiver of registration may be applied to one of the next two subsequent US-IALE annual meetings. More information is available on the meeting website.

US-IALE Student Travel Awards

In recognition that students are valuable current and future members of US-IALE, the US-IALE Student Travel Awards (STA) support student travel to the Annual Meetings. Approximately 10 awards have been awarded annually since 2009. Each award recipient receives up to $500 to help cover travel expenses at the meeting. Students are eligible to receive one US-IALE sponsored STA per degree program and must have an abstract for an oral or poster presentation at the conference accepted by the Program Committee to obtain funding. Application instructions are available on the conference web page.