What is Landscape Ecology?

So what is landscape ecology anyway?

Landscape ecology is about people, ecosystems, species, energy, pollutants, GIS and remote sensing, modeling, disturbance, flows, conservation, and many many other things. There are textbooks and journal papers that provide excellent technical definitions of what the science of landscape ecology is all about. But textbook definitions sometimes leave out the passion, the people, and the excitement of the discipline.

So, to capture the energy of the science, as well as the technical aspects, we asked a number of landscape ecologists to tell us what landscape ecology is to them and why it is important. Our roster of authors is a mix of senior graybacks in the discipline and young landscape ecologists just entering the field. We asked landscape ecologists who view the world through the lens of planning and design, as well as scientists who work on species and communities. When you read their short essays one thing will emerge -- landscape ecology is where the action is -- the passion and excitement of our authors is contagious.

Initiated January 17, 2005

ahern Jack Ahern august Pete August
crow Thomas Crow forman Richard Forman
gustafson Eric Gustafson hatfield Colleen Hatfield
iverson Louis Iverson nassauer Joan Nassauer
riffell Sam Riffell wiens John Wiens